August 25, 2010

Got Life?

Just had the opportunity to hold a brand new baby girl. Wow, what an experience. It brought back to my mind memories of my girls at that age. So delicate, so carefree, so trusting, so dependent, so wonderfully created and crafted by our heavenly Father and God of our universe. It really is an amazing thing—life! Measured by ounces and inches, this beautiful bundle of sweetness and joy just lying in your arms taking in her first day of life. As I looked into her radiant little face, I couldn’t help but think…she had absolutely NO care in this world. She wasn’t wondering where her next meal was coming from, how she was going to pay the rent, how she would fund her retirement—she had no fear of whether the economy would recover or not. Nope—she was completely trusting. Her mom and dad would take care of her. They would know when to feed her, when to change her and how to make her life special. In fact, for the next several years of her life, her parents would be the ones that she put her total trust in. Her mom would eventually become her confidant, therapist, counselor and provider of love, warmth and comfort. Her dad would eventually become her protector, provider, inspiration and instill purpose and value into her life as she grows older. What a deal. No cares and no worries. It’s all on mom and dad.

As God’s children we have that same deal. Our lives, measured in days and years, are a beautiful bundle of sweetness and joy to Him. He wants us to know that it is all on Him—this day, this hour, this moment. He is in control. We shouldn’t worry where our next meal is coming from, how we will pay the rent or what we will do in retirement. He said that He would be our protector, provider, counselor, confidant, comfort, purpose, value, love—whatever it is that we may have need of in this life, if we place our trust in Him, He has declared that His Word will watch over us! What a deal! Life—and that life more abundantly! How about you? Have you allowed Him access and control of your life? If not, then now is the time! Cast all your cares upon Him and sit back and enjoy his peace, His mercy and His grace. As his child, it is all for you!

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