July 23, 2008


Recently, during my devotion time, God began to reveal to me the importance of my focus in life. Many times our focus lingers for too long on things of our past. Things that cannot be changed and, all too often, things that reflect missed opportunities, unproductive failures and regretful decisions. I am learning that I must live today to it’s fullest in order to insure that I will experience the most incredibly illuminated path for my future while at the same time understanding, remembering and applying the often overlooked and forgotten life lessons from my past. In American culture all things are viewed, read, or listed in order of importance from left to right. It is done that way simply because we have been taught this since we were a child. Therefore, when thinking about our lives we will many times refer to the three time periods in our lives as the past, the present and the future implying that this would be the order of their importance. However, I am beginning to refocus my thoughts to reveal a more appropriate and more accurately prioritized sequence for these three time periods. This new alignment of my life has been made based on the importance I wish to allow each of these parts of my life to consume me.
Instead of referring to my past, present and future, I choose to refer to my present, future and past. You see my present is most important simply because my future is determined by how I live, plan and perceive my present. My future is more important than my past simply because my past cannot be changed but my future is still yet to be written. I should only become a student of the past, learning from my historical experiences rather than allowing my past failures to consume me.
In other words, if we continue to walk forward while insisting on looking at our past, we will most likely trip over our present and stumble into our future. Our future will only be as great as we purpose it to be in our present. God help us as leaders to live today for a meaningful tomorrow that has been wonderfully enriched by our yesterday. Amen

July 18, 2008


I received a phone call the other day from a Red Cross volunteer asking me to donate blood. I receive these calls from time to time because I have given blood in the past; however something this volunteer said to me really caught my attention. He said, "Has anyone ever told you that you have extremely pure blood?" He continued by saying that the purity of my blood was found in less than 5% the people in this nation. He also said that due to it's purity, my blood could be given to small babies and cancer patients without any hesitation. Now maybe he was feeding me a line just to get me to come on out and donate; but what he said prompted my thoughts concerning the purity of my heart.

If out of the heart comes my words, actions and lifestyle; then my prayer is that my heart be as pure as my blood. For if my heart has that level of purity, then just like my blood, my heart can be given to babies and cancer patients. In other words, what comes out of my heart will not harm anyone and just maybe from out of my heart I can actually help others. That's what a Christian leader is supposed to do, right? Help and not harm, speak life and not death, fan the flame of vision and not throw water on dreams.

God help us to be encouraging leaders by speaking life, vision and hope into the lives of those we lead. Amen!

July 13, 2008

GIANTS or giants?

1 Samuel 17:26 "Who is this pagan Philistine anyway, that he is allowed to defy the armies of the living God?"

The giants in our lives have a tendency to reveal who we really are. Many times we are introduced to the "real us" through a confrontation with a GIANT! When Goliath announced his intentions to the Israelite army, there was not a man in the entire army camp who was prepared physically, mentally and SPIRITUALLY to accept his challenge. However, there was this one little shepherd boy who had a history of giants that he had faced and defeated. It was from this history of his past giants that David confidently called Goliath's bluff.

Is there a GIANT revealing a crack in your armour of leadership. As leaders we must learn that a GIANT is not only designed to reveal a weakness; but also to prepare, to develop, to encourage and to strengthen our leadership character and ability. Once we learn to look at situations and challenges with the understanding that on the other side we will stand stronger, better and more prepared for the next giant; then we will be able to look at each challenge as a giant rather than a GIANT. It is from this perspective that we will rise and become the leader that God destined for us to be. And it is then, also, that we will effectively lead others to their God ordained destiny.

Step out and lead...now!!

July 7, 2008

Leadership begins with the HEART

"For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he." Proverbs 23:7

I have often wondered why people can seem so totally committed to God, church, ministry---for a period of time---and then the next thing you know they are totally uncommitted and are content to do nothing. A great leader will consciously make a choice to allow the Holy Spirit to change him from the inside out---i.e. "a heart change". The reason we can be hot one minute and cold the next is because we choose to make a change in our behavior without allowing God to make a change in our heart. Since our heart has not been changed, our behavioral change reverts back to where our heart is.

A leader's heart reveals the character of the leader. Without a heart change we are only pretending. Leaders should never be satisfied with their current level of leadership. We should be continuously changing. However, those changes should be originated in our hearts. For in the heart is where leadership begins!

July 1, 2008


"Why all this weeping? You are breaking my heart! For I am ready not only to be jailed at Jerusalem but also to die for the sake of the Lord Jesus." Acts 21:13

The Apostle Paul was committed to doing whatever and going where ever the Holy Spirit chose to lead him (no matter what the cost may be--even if he knew the cost beforehand). He left nothing on the table as far as his service for the Lord. I am totally amazed at people in today's world. It seems that commitment is a thing of the past. The most insane excuses are given as to our reason why we aren't willing to be an active part of the body of Christ. Paul's service to His Savior was of such an impeccable nature that he was able to unapologetically say, "follow me as I follow Christ." I feel that as leaders we should--no, we MUST--ask ourselves the following question daily; maybe even hourly...

...if people are following me, where am I leading them?