August 17, 2010

Daddy Knows Best

Okay, so it is Sunday morning. We are getting ready to go to church. All four of us are as busy as a colony of ants building a new home. It is just minutes from time that we will all leave for church, and for the first time since our kids were in car seats, we are all four going to ride together—yes, in the same car even! I am in the kitchen cleaning up from the past night’s activities and making final preparations for us to leave. In an oh my goodness, Daddy, look what happened attitude my oldest, Whitney (21), comes running into the kitchen holding one of her newest and most precious necklaces. The very one she intends to wear to church that day. And she says in a most confident Daddy, you can do anything kind of voice, “Daddy, look at my necklace. Can you fix it for me?” Now, I ask YOU. What is a Daddy suppose to do but stop everything he is doing and pour all of his then know resources into solving this most horrendous situation for his child? Well, guess what I did. I stopped everything that I was doing and began to pour all of my then known resources into solving this most horrendous situation for the child that I love so much! I mean, seriously, this was the necklace of choice for today’s outfit. It simply had to be repaired! Right then! There was no time to loose! necklace-4690-anthropologie

Now, of course this is not the first time this has happened with my children. And that is obviously the reason they are so quick to come to me. They know that I will do whatever I can to help them with WHATEVER IS OF IMPORTANCE TO THEM! I have taken inexpensive costume jewelry to this particular jeweler (that I have used for several years) so many times for repairs that they know me by name. One time, when I had taken several items to them within a very short time period, the lady said to me, “You are a very special father to take care of these small things for your girls this way.” I said, “No, not really. The way I see it, whatever is important to them is also important to me.”

Why do I relate this story? I can assure you that it is not to sing my praises. I am only doing what a normal father would do for the children that he loves so much. But, what I want to relate through this story is this. I am just an earthly, imperfect, flawed human father. I can’t compare in any way to the love of a heavenly, perfect and flawless Father. The Father that wants and desires for me the very best. A Father who goes before me each and every day to prepare for me every step that I am going to take. A Father who, while I am asleep at night, is busy working all things out for my good according to what plans he has made for me. Working out all the resources I am going to need for that day, that month, that year—resources that I don’t have and don’t even know that I need. And all I have to do is come running to Him with that most confident, Daddy, you can do anything kind of voice. And He does! It may not always be just how I thought it ought to be. But it is always what I need.

What about you? Do you need some of Daddy’s lap time? Is there anything in your life that you need the Father to fix? Maybe a necklace, a new job, a better marriage, or a healing in your body? It doesn’t matter! He can do anything—and He wants to hear from you. He wants to help you, guide you, mature you, and provide for you! Why not call on Him today? Give him a chance! He’s a GREAT DAD!

Oh by the way, Whitney was able to wear the necklace of choice to church that day! Daddy fixed it!

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Amy Faulk Argo said...

love this! :) so thankful for a Heavenly Daddy!