June 23, 2010

To Google or Not

The other day I was on the Internet and, as I often do, I spent some time "googling". Yes, it has actually become a verb! With many tenses--both past and present! I have googled...I am googling...I do google! Wow! Google and other such search engines have definitely changed the way we do life. I remember once when my garage door opener quit working. I simply "googled" the question: "How to repair a garage door opener." Amazingly, it came up with a page that not only told me how--but it also told me what is typically wrong with one as well as what parts I needed to fix it, how much those parts would cost, where to get the parts, and how to install them. Wow again!

It is truly amazing just how much information is literally at our "fingertips" on the Internet. Most of us who are computer literate will spend hours each day logged on to the Internet. However, when it comes to the question "How to do life"; there is no substitute for the original "mega-Internet" we commonly refer to as prayer. I have found throughout my life that there are those times when I am more confused than, as they say, a termite in a yo-yo. It's more serious than how to fix my garage door opener. But all I have to do is log in to God's Internet and get all of my answers.

However, just like with my computer Internet, if all I have is a dial up connection, I will become very frustrated with my response time. You see to establish a real adsl or cable modem type connection, I must practice my connecting time regularly. Practicing the presence of God in my life through prayer will establish a strong, fast connection and, in return, I will find that I have a much better search engine than Google could possibly be.

So, I encourage you to schedule into the middle of your "googling" time a little "God-gle" time. In the long run, you will be glad you did!

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